Pursuit at it again in Rapid City

June 30, 2016



A group of 15 cyclists stopped in Rapid City Wednesday afternoon with 1,300 miles behind them and 2,200 miles left on their journey.

The cyclists are on a Pursuit for Those with Disabilities, raising more than $12 million already for The Center in Houston. The Center is the largest organization in Texas that supports people with disabilities. Cyclists are hoping to raise $13.5 million in Texas. Now, they are riding from Oregon to Maryland.

Pursuit Rider-In-Chief David Baldwin said he got up early one morning and was concerned about the future of the Center. "Our viability financially. And to relieve the stress, I got on my bicycle - and I'm not a real serious cyclist - but I just all of the sudden felt much better, and thought, wow, wouldn't it be great to take time off and ride our bikes across the country? Go visit other people who support organizations like ours learn from them, and hopefully raise enough money to really transform the Center." 

Pursuit for Those with Disabilities will bring information back to Texas and present at a summit at the end of the year.